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 Andrew Bedford Sensei 3rd Dan



     Founder of the Kamizukan

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Welcome to the home of the kamizukan Aikido dojo on the web. Based in Brighton East Sussex, this is the place you will find, up to date information about the kamizukan dojo and Aikido in general.

AIKIDO - Translated as, the way (do) of harmonizing (ai) energy (ki), or the way of peace and harmony. Aikido is a non competative, self defensive Japanese martial art. Aikido uses joint locking, and throwing techniques to subdue an aggressive & determined attacker. who is either armed or unarmed with minimal force, without inflicting overt injuries.

Classes are open to everyone, male or female, from young to senior.

Aikido lessons encourage harmony and the avoidance of confrontation by improving self-awareness, self-confidence and fitness, and a sense of co-operation when students work together to understand and create the techniques of Aikido. So Aikido is ideal for people looking for a more harmonious form of Martial Art.

Learning Aikido is a fun experience and a great way to meet people and socialise, and keep fit.

Wether a complete beginner or an advanced student you will be warmly welcomed to our dojo

Contact us today to find out more. I look forward to you joining one of our Aikido classes.


The aim of the kamizukan dojo is to provide within the local commmunity a safe, constructive, learning environment for the study of traditional aikido. We warmly welcome you to explore our website, and hope you come and practice with us.

Please visit our venue page for class times and contact details.

Andrew Bedford

Kamizukan chief Instructor,

Old Boat Corner Community Centre,

Carden Hill, Hollingbury